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Carl Grimes || Human - YouTube

Carl Grimes || Human - YouTube

I love the bright colors used on this Plastic Playground Makeover and Little Tikes and Upcycle Ideas on Frugal Coupon Living - Recycle your kids toys and turn them into something fun and new!

Betty & Jughead, jackmoore003 On the set of Riverdale with Cole...

On the set of Riverdale with Cole Sprouse. ” Aaaawww it’s lil Juggie and big Juggie! Now i want a flashback scene with Lil Archie, Lil Betty.

Riverdale 1x09

I love how he seems to drive strength from Betty's positive attitude, and if she gives up, he's lost. Bughead is literally the best TV couple ev-zeez!

Riverdale - it's actually Nurse off duty? also ASDFVYHBJKNMSERDTFGHBJ$TYHJN

Riverdale - it's actually Nurse off duty? I love how people don't get that it's "nurse off duty?" Not "no soft duty?

Guinea Pig Sounds and their meaning

What Is The Best Guinea Pig Bedding? Photo by picto:graphic Guinea pig owners routinely utilize wood or paper types of shavings as the bedding for their pets.