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These upper-body intensive routines blasts your back, chest, and shoulders, sculpting hella strong muscles that will make every season tank top season.

Can you blast through the DELT FORCE Workout? It hammers the abs, core, shoulders, and delts with a circuit of intense supersets. It's extremely difficult but it effectively destroys fat and builds muscle mass.

UPWOD is a furious shoulder and ab workout. It exclusively features supersets to ignite fat, get your heart-thumping, and burn up your shoulders.

The Boulder Shoulder Workout — use it to blast you shoulders and abs.

(FLR-front raise, lat raise, reverse flies) (drop reps, drop 10 reps, drop 10 reps) (burnout Plate Raise-use wt you can hold up for

*UPWODs are Lean It UP's Workout of the Day. For more info on UPWODs, how to do them effectively, and what they're all about, read the introductory guide before starting.**You can find all of

IRONMAN Triathlon X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Abdominal/Hyper Back Extension Bench -- Continue to the product at the image link.

[UPWOD Nº24] The Pummelhorse Leg Workout — Legs & Abs

This gym circuit is more effective than an hour on the treadmill/elliptical: 20 walking lunges with dumbbells (we use dumbbells), 15 squat thrusters (we use same dumbbell weight), 10 burpees, and 5 double leg pilates stretches repeated 8 times.

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Go HAM on your muscles and build a LONG, LEAN body with The Hurricane Resistance Band Workout. It's a resistance band workout that'll torch your muscles, body fat, and calories, regardless of where you are.