Get rid of that muffin top!

9 Moves To Shrink Your Muffin Top [VIDEO]

9 Moves To Shrink Your Muffin Top - Skinny Mom Remember there is no 'spot erasing', you have to reduce your overall fat % if you want those 6 pack abs!

No doubt Bobby Clark's chirping at Darryl again. LOL

Toronto Maple Leafs History - The saw the emergence of the Sittler era. Darryl Sitttler was given the "C" in 1975 after Dave Keon left due to a contract dispute.

Wayne Gretzky

1984 - Wayne Gretzky (Edmonton Oilers) ~~* Greatest graduation gift ever.

Wayne Gretzky

Here's some word art from my favorite Wayne Gretzky quote: "You miss of the shots you don't take.

Toronto Maple Leafs 2013-14 Schedule

Toronto Maple Leafs Schedule Can it just start already?

Who's up for a game of beach hockey? Apparently, Wayne Gretzky.

What we call the Sun Belt today came to be known through the sport of hockey. Wayne Gretzky refused to wear a belt on the beach.

"Twitter / Argos_Daniele: If the #Leafs are going to grab a win tonight, this guy will have a lot to do with it. @Lisa Phillips-Barton Townson MapleLeafs"

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