Sensitive Fern

Sensitive fern gets its name from the tendency of the fronds to wither at the first slight frost. Moist soil is essential to thrive. Global warming is a threat to these plants.

Narrows Road in the Autumn.

Narrows Road in the Autumn.

Maple-leaf Viburnum

Blue Fruits, Skunks, The Fruit, Pheasant, Dark Blue, Mice, Rabbits, Maple Leaves, Rings

White Oak(red leaves)

White Oak in red rust and lobed leaves. Deer prefer white over red oak because they are not bitter with tannin.

Red Maple

Red Maple (Scarlet Maple) are considered invasive because it adapts to most soils, grows quickly and is shade tolerant. Oaks will decline if Maple are not thinned.

Cinnamon Fern

A New World fern having narrow, spore-bearing, cinnamon-colored leaves in early spring.

Blanding Turtle

Turtles lay eggs when their 25 years old and continue to lay for the next century. They return to the same nest kilometers away.

Northern Goshawk

Northern Goshawk

Northern Goshawk

The hawk has removed all squirrels from the area.

Chicken Mushroom

This is one of the most delectable of wild mushrooms. It suppose to taste like chicken.

Wild Turkey eggs.

Turkey nests are on gentle south facing slopes to eliminate saturation.

Piliated Woodpecker

The largest woodpecker with a 3 foot wingspan and up to 18 inches in height.