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Teen Self Harm Treatment - #TeenDrugAbuse & #Recovery Blog

When your teenager experiences anxiety, self-harm is one way he or she copes with intense anxious feelings.


He asked me. how can those little blades create such deep cuts like that? I thought when self hate pushes you, the blade pushes deeper.

I'm sorry.. I couldn't take it anymore... But haha I got caught before I was about to hit a vein and they took my blade away.. :( but I still have 2 left I can't lose them.. And u can't stop.. I'll keep cutting in front of my counselor I don't care anymore..

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Time to say goodbye xxxx

i delt with my fare share of it.and i struggle everyday.i just one else has to endure the pain of self harm.


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self harm, if it was for attention why would so many people try so hard to try and hide it. if you haven't ever harmed yourself you won't understand never give anyone grief for it.