More and more people have been aware of the important of environment protection. It is realized that the worsening of environment will affect our life,especially in the electronic waste.
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5.e-Waste: A Global Time Bomb

My Second Video About E-Waste: This short film shows the human impact, as well as environmental, of our need for the latest gadgets.

4.E-Waste: Dumping on the Poor

Dumping on the Poor

8.E-waste posing threat to our life

E-waste piled so high in Guiyu, China, the workers are literally swimming through the garbage!

7.E-Waste Harvesters

ECS Refining - Responsible recycling and end-of-life services for electronics, industrial equipment and hazardous wastes.

6.10 facts About E-Waste

NASA material scientist A materials scientist or engineer could.Develop a way to recycle non-metallic components of old computers to create park benches, fences, and sewer grates.

3. E-waste exposed

Illegal e-waste exposed

1.What is E-Waste!

Attero is an integrated end to end electronics asset management company.