Gold Leaf Ketubahs

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Tree of Life Ketubah

The Finest Kippah and Ketubah Shop Since 1996

Sephardic Motif Ketubah

The Finest Kippah and Ketubah Shop Since 1996

Wildscript Square Ketubah

Izzy's high quality calligraphy coupled with this freely written border design makes this a lively, modern, yet elegant ketubah. Calligraphy on this elegant, whimsical ketubah is bordered by the scripted quote I am my beloved's and my beloved is

Trees of Life III Ketubah - gold

Trees of Life III Ketubah - gold by Betsy Teutsch: This elegant design features two embossed, golden trees joined by interlocking wedding bands to form a canopy above. Verses of love and commitment surround the artwork.

Menorah Ketubah

The Finest Kippah and Ketubah Shop Since 1996

Hadas Papercut Ketubah

The Hadas Papercut features an elegant organic framing with gold accents. We love this Ketubah from Danny Azoulay for its delicate, yet compelling style.

Ring of Joy Ketubah

The Ring of Joy Ketubah features an earth-toned ring filled with jeweled flowers & Stars of David, by Israeli-American artist & calligrapher Mickie Caspi.

Jerusalem Garden Ketubah

Ketubah Jerusalem Garden by Ardyn Halter. This richly illuminated Ketubah celebrates the eternal love of the Jewish people for Jerusalem and the declarations of love between the bride and the groom.

Acqui Ketubah

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Shibolim Ketubah

Shibolim Ketubah by Amalya Nini - This ketubah papercut, also called "Seven Species," is a cornucopia of brighly colored vegitation surrounded by a intricate lattice papercut border. No backing paper provided.