Without Canada, there would be no Winnie the Pooh. The Canadian soldier who donated him to the London zoo named him Winnie, after his hometown, Winnipeg.

Butter Tart Canada Day Cupcakes

Butter Tart Canada Day Cupcakes (There's a butter tart inside the cupcake) Oh Goodbye Diet, lol!

Canada Day Printables - gorgeous subway art poster of line from national anthem…

Canada Day Shirts

you still have one day left if you're looking for Canada Day t-shirt ideas.

Niagara Falls, Happy Canada Day !

Canada Flag @ Niagra Falls in honour of Canada Day! I have been on Boat that goes Very Close to the Bottom of Falls. As well, there's Tunnels to be able to go Behind this Amazing site.

"God keep our land, glorious and free, O Canada we stand on guard for thee." On July to all my Canadian friends, and American neighbors (hey Carl!) who want to celebrate with us, Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day Cookies

Celebrate Canada Day with a Lemon Zest Sugar Cookie use low carb sugar cookie dough can find on low carb. Cookies and ice cream board .