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The Glenwood Springs, Colorado. I lived there for 20 years and didn't know he was buried there!

Agnus Dei for Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom

The Pascal Lamb was a favoured Templar symbol of charity and chivalry, depicting the highest good that can be achieved through self- betterment. The symbol was used in the seals of many Knights Templar, in recognition of the blessings of knowledge and wis

Tomar Cross for Protection on Life's Journey

Tomar is home to a Templar castle, an important site of mystical and spiritual irradiation, around which a town grew. The rare white cross set within a Templar cross of red, a design of elegant sophistication, was adopted and painted on the sails of their

Consecration Cross for Nobility and Higher Purpose

Sterling Moon Knights Templar Consecration Cross Talisman for Nobility and Higher Purpose Pendant Amulet

Solar Cross for Strong Health and Mental Vigour

The solar cross, and by extension, this Solar Cross Templar Necklace, stands for the life-giving properties of the sun, as well as the concept of eternal light. It is an impressive symbol that will have meaning for any Templar enthusiast.

Templar Ankh for the True Seeker of Self-Mastery and Immortality

It is believed that during their many crusading expeditions, the Knights Templar were initiated into the mysteries of ancient Egypt and preserved those ancient symbols and ways, using this knowledge in sevrect magickal ceremonies. The wearer of the Templa

Engrailed Cross for the Meaning of Life

Celtic, Gnostic, and Templar themes feature in the Engrailed Cross found in mysterious mediaeval Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. Reflecting the Templar view that tradition is worth preserving, this cross can be worn for putting order into the Meaning of Life.

The Code of Chivalry followed by the Royal Lion Corps of Bladarion.

One of many, many variations of the Medieval Knights Code Of Chivalry. No one region, kingdom or country had a unified code, although they did share various aspects between them. The "Rule" of the Knights Templar had 76 parts. who says chivalry is dead?