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5 Places to Visit in New Brunswick this Summer

Bay of Fundy Tides, New Brunswick, Canada

Explore New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy tides and The Hopewell Rocks, where you’ll experience natural wonders and endless activities like whale-watching

Camping in Miramichi, New Brunswick Canada

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Hopewell Rocks | Bay of Fundy Attraction | New Brunswick

This tourist attraction offers kayaking Bay of Fundy’s highest tides in the world, walking the ocean floor at low tide, bird watching and walking trails.

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Canada activity: Try to hike the Sagamook Peak in Mount Carleton Provincial Park, Canada. Mount Carleton Provincial Park is the largest provincial.

Every day, 100 billion tonnes of water empty out of the Bay of Fundy, allowing visitors the chance to walk along the ocean floor at Hopewell Rocks.  At high tide, the water level rises by 16 meters almost completely submerging everything again

(© Barrett & MacKay/All Canada Photos/Getty Images); Hopewell Rocks on Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada

Fundy's Seascapes and Fall Colours | Tourism New Brunswick Canada

Fundy's Seascapes and Fall Colours

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Best beach for swimming - 15 of Canada's best beaches

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A mini travel guide for things to do & places to see in Zermatt, Switzerland! Also included: thoughts on the Glacier Express scenic train.

Côte Magnétique

Côte Magnétique