Rusty Borg by on @deviantART

This little guy is a piece I put together to feature on my demo reel.

Chain Chompah by on @deviantART

Spent a few hours makin' a chain chomp instead of actually doing homework.

A sword. In a rock. Made in 3D. Typical.

A sword. In a rock. Made in Typical.

Chain Chunk by on @deviantART

I had so much fun making the chain chomp that I wanted to design my own.

Grungy-er Alleyway by on @deviantART

Someone mentioned that my lighting needed improvement so I did that.

Glowey Movie Theater by on @deviantART

My architectural piece for my year of animation.

The Megadoomer by on @deviantART

The Megadoomer by on @deviantART