Heritage Inuit Collection

Inuit carvings from a different time - authentic Arctic stone, primitive tools and a sense of spirituality developed from a dependence on and respect for the environment and the creatures that sustained them. This is pre 1990 heritage Inuit art.
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Hunter Stalking Ringed Seal

This sculpture demonstrates the Inuit hunter technique of stalking ringed seals with a lasso on the ice.

Primitive Black Owl

The primitive aspects of the carving – the minimalist body lines and the carved face – make this a stunning sculpture. Expressive tilt of head. The black Arcti

The Hunt - A Two Sided Mural Relief in Stone

This is a very unique sculpture. On one side, and Inuit with a spear is hunting a polar bear with his dogs. On the other side the hunter, with a harpoon, is a

Spirit Polar Bear by A. Karrel

Spirit Polar Bear Inuit Carving by A.

Two Headed Inuk - Museum inquiries only

This is a Canadian heritage piece. The two-headed Inuk is thought to be a mother with child (smaller head) in her Amautie hood. This sculpture is primitive in

Ice Fisher with Large Catch by Joanisialuk

Ice Fisher with Large Catch by Joanisialuk

Inuk Holding Large Fish

This is a long and narrow sculpture of an Inuk holding a large fish. A remarkably well balanced piece. Sculpture celebrates a good provider.

Green Spirit Muskox

Green Spirit Muskox

Standing Stark Inuk in Parka

Stark clean lines and combination of primitive and contemporary styles. The face (especially the nose) is exceptional.

Primitive Bird with Chick

This is a beautiful black primitive sculpture of a beaked bird with its chick on its back. The simplicity and undefined lines make this sculpture feel abstract

Great Hunter with Seal on Back

Great Hunter Carrying Seal Inuit Carving by Niviaksiak