1958  TTC Rocket at Pape and Danforth

Toronto Transit Commission PCC at Toronto, Ontario, Canada by John F Bromley

Thorncliffe Sayvetts store

Thorncliffe Sayvetts store

EYCI from Plains Rd  1948

EYCI from Plains Rd 1948


Canada can show of with a high level of political freedom, social people, health and economic stability, and good Happiest countries to live in

TEGH  June 10 1929

TEGH June 10 1929

Steinbergs at Thorncliffe Mall 1960's

Steinbergs at Thorncliffe Mall

Don Valley Brickworks 1900ish

The Evergreen Brick Works by Calude Comier Associates, Toronto, Canada.

CN Tower - lightning - Sept 2011

CN Tower - lightning - Sept 2011

Before Bloor Viaduct 1915

Thundering over the Don Valley on a westbound subway train it's easy to underestimate the shining river below. In numerous locations - Bloor, Gerra.