American Red Tail Hawk, we have one who lives in the tree in our front yard. SUCH CHAOS but so beautiful! Our oldest daughter is a sponge trying to learn as much as she can about birds.


New sensing technology reveals that the alpine swift, a small migratory bird, can remain aloft for more than 200 days without touching down.

American Bittern: the “Plumper Lunking,” Camouflaging, Weirdo Bird

This is my best Osprey shot in my first year of bird photography. It took several weeks to learn the ospreys behavior and 7 mornings of waiting to catch this one in the right light. It finished in the top 100 in the 2012 Audubon Magazine contest.

Bird… The Ruff by nordfold on DeviantArt - photo taken in the Varanger Peninsula - Northern Norway.

Photo "Kori bustard - male in love" by Paolo Maffioletti- looks like he has on a fur coat