Measurement provocation

An entire lesson in one picture. There's rulers for standard measurements and a few choices of non standard measurement, and a book that explains the concept.

Incorporating Reggio methods in a "traditional" school setting

Some wonderful ideas for math and science here, but keep in mind some of the language activities are for first graders so wouldn't be appropriate for preschoolers. Incorporating Reggio methods in a "traditional" school setting

Line provocation!

BC Fine Arts Visual Art Line Provocations - exploring lines using different mediums, e. plasticine, crayons and paper and wire

Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten: Inquiring About What Makes Something Sink or Float

This is an inquiry based lesson. The student has to determine if the clay sinks or floats, whatever the clay does not do, the students have to morph the clay so that will. If it sinks then they have to form it so that it floats.

A great winter engineering project! Build a snowflake with beads! Great for kindergartners and first graders!

Build a Snowflake Symmetry Circle Math Activity and Free Printable: Kids can play with loose parts as they learn about symmetry with this easy hands on learning activity.