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101 guided math read aloud books

101 Guided Math read Aloud Books for A comprehensive list of guided math read aloud books to enhance any math topic.

We also added a worm project because children LOVE worms and worms do wonderful things for the garden. Worm composting is a fun and interes...

When earthworms reproduce, they are called This means that they have female and male reproductive All the earthworms can have their own eggs. The way that gametes join.

Wonders in Kindergarten: Building an earth caring classroom community: Part 2

Students have continued to keep a tally of the number of days our kitchen waste has been in our compost hole. Once a week, we dig it up, mak.

Earthworms poem

As part of our curriculum we are asked to teach the children about worms . Just in case you haven't figured it out yet I ha.