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RCAF Avro Arrow fighter jet- What should've been. An probably still better than the proposed junk

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Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow RL204 ca1958

A delta-winged interceptor aircraft that was the pride of Avro and Canada. Introduced on 4 October It may have been capable of Mach Mysteriously cancelled 20 February 1959 under much controversy and put Avro out of business.

Cover illustration for Aerojournal magazine - Battle of Berlin.

Avro 683 Lancaster Mk10 FM213 (cn FM213) Victory Aircraft Ltd delivered this Lancaster to the RCAF on August 21, 1946. Withdrawn from service and placed on display at Goderich June 14, 1964 it was officially struck off strength at the end of that month. The Lanc was acquired by the Canadian Warplane Heritage in 1977 and in one of the great feats of historical aircraft preservation, airlifted the bomber by helicopter to Hamilton in 1979 to restore it to flying condition over the next nine…

Avro 683 Lancaster (cn Victory Aircraft Ltd delivered this…

Avro lancaster

Men dressed as members of Bomber Command inspect the famous plane

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Canadian Warplane Heritage Lancaster on pedestal in Goderich, Ontario

Two years later this Lancaster would be acquired by Canadian Warplane Heritage and fly again in Shown in its final RCAF Maritime Command livery. - Photo taken at Goderich (YGD / CYGD) in Ontario, Canada in March,

R.A.F. Port Albert, Ontario

R.A.F. Port Albert, Ontario