Zebra collage- pattern unit

Zebra collage- pattern unit I would use this in my art lesson. Instead I would use tissue paper and glue it on the pattern of the zebra.

Exploring and Creating Patterns for preschool and Kindergarten - FREE printable included! | This Reading Mama

Exploring and Creating Patterns {FREE Printable Included}

November Printables - First Grade Literacy and Math. Leaf Patterns

November Printables - First Grade Literacy and Math

Who's Who and Who's New: Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere!

Hi everyone, it is Jane checking in with a few ideas for teaching patterns in math. I just moved down to grade two from grade five so it h.

Hundreds Chart Boot Camp blog post... Great for 2nd grade pattern and number sense!!

Conquering the Hundred Chart

Mathematics is all about patterns. Some describe mathematics as the science of patterns, and the ability to understand patterns is described as a key concept in NCTM’s algebra standard.

A Patterning Unit for Grade One based on the Ontario Curriculum with lesson ideas, worksheets, task cards and a test.

Demonstrate awareness of patterning Understanding of spatial relationships older preschoolers