Moose Roast – A favourite for our Sunday night Family Dinner

Looking for a family dinner recipe; Moose Roast is mouth-watering and uncomplicated to prepare meal that will have your family hankering for more.

BEST marinade for Alaskan Moose Steaks

Recipe for Alaskan moose steak marinade. A fast and easy recipe to save you time, and help you enjoy the meat that you brought from the field to your table!

A Traditional Meat Pie Recipe Made With Moose Meat! making this for supper!

Moose Tourtière Pie: I was given some moose meat by some friends for my birthday (great friends! Since my birthday falls on December I was just about to make tourtière

Ultimate Moose Burger. With one moose for every four people on the Rock, it’s no surprise this gamey meat is common fare. Chef Katie Hayes, who just opened Bonavista Social Club, on the Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland, offers diners the Ultimate Moose Burger: a patty served in an artisanal bun on a bed of spinach with sautéed wild mushrooms, bacon and a tart partridgeberry ketchup.

Chef Katie Hayes of Newfoundland’s Bonavista Social Club, shares her ultimate moose burger recipe.

Newfoundland Moose Stew Recipe Here is Knockout Kitchen’s take on a Newfoundland traditional recipe, Newfoundland Moose Stew. A typical moose stew can’t be beat! It typically doesn’t contain stock or wine but with this recipe I just wanted to try something different with an old staple. Hope you all enjoy the recipe.

Moose stew is what makes Cody Bradford famous at the fire station! Newfoundland Moose Stew Recipe from Knockout Kitchen

Sandra's Alaska Recipes: SANDRA’S SUCCULENT YOSHIDA SLOW-COOKER MOOSE ROAST (Click image for recipe...)

Sandra's Succulent Yoshida Pot Roast Recipe (feel free to use frozen venison, moose, beef, or pork roast ; might try without the mushroom soup