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Betty-Lou Cousineau

Betty-Lou Cousineau
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The ADHD Bucket List - 11 Things Every Person With ADHD Must Do

This is the ADHD bucket list. See the 11 things that every person with ADHD must do to live a less painful, more fun & exciting lifestyle.

This anti-theft backpack is paying us a visit from the future. It’s equipped with a solar-powered power bank/Bluetooth speaker combo and an integrated lock so you can connect it to something stationary to keep your belongings safe. It also keeps you organized and your stuff protected, with features like a super cushiony back, key holder, built-in rain cover, and padded laptop storage.

Lifepack Backpack - he smart backpack holds a laptop and clothing, has a hidden compartment for valuables, a built-in solar-cell operated powerbank with a speaker and a mobile telephone charger.

Siconi - Self-Clinging Silicone

Siconi sticky pads discovered by The Grommet. These high-grade silicone pads act as an adhesive that sticks to most non-porous surfaces.

Custom Drawer Organizer for Kitchen Utensils, Silverware, Junk and More by drawerdecor

Tired of messy drawers? End clutter with this unique utensil drawer organizer by Drawer Decor. Saving Space offers Drawer Decor in a variety of colors.

Check out this cool product called Rinser Brush that turn your toothbrush into fountain: No disposable cups to buy or throw away. No glass to wash or take up counter space. No changing hands to cup water. And, no head in the sink sipping. Just aim the fountain where you want the water to be.

Rinse out your mouth after brushing your teeth with ease thanks to this clever water fountain toothbrush. With all the form and function of a traditional toothbrush, it also features a small funnel to turn the running water into a drinking fountain.