Joanne Ragula

Joanne Ragula

Joanne Ragula
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Keep pests away with hydrogen peroxide

hydrogen peroxide can be used as a pesticide. Spraying the plant thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide mixed in the equal amount of water kills the pests and their eggs. The hydrogen peroxide also kills the bacteria that develop on fruits and vegetables.

how to exterminate stink bugs | Alternative Gardning

how to exterminate stink bugs.You'll need: spray bottle rubbing alcohol liquid detergent water Fill the spray bottle with water, add a dash soft soap, fill the remaining with rubbing alcohol. Then Mix and then spray.

10 Garden Mistakes that Waste Money | eBay

Make the most of your garden budget by avoiding gardening mistakes that waste money. Empress of Dirt reveals the blunders she avoids to make her gardening allowance stretch as far as possible.