This set has 470 flashcards for your French lessons. They are a great visual help for introducing French vocabulary and cover all major topics from adjectives to weather.

French Flash Cards Basic Vocabulary

French flash cards with many topics for your French language lessons. This set contains 470 French flash cards. They are a great visual help for your students. Topics covered in this set are: adjectives animals body seasons clothes colors family

Monster Mash.. super cute dance video for kids to take a break or indoor recess.

Monster Mash super cute dance video for kids to take a break or indoor recess. This could be a fun treat for the kids to do around Halloween.

All about my friend (Tout sur mon ami(e))

All about my friend (Tout sur mon ami(e))

This is an activity similar to another one that I have created (Tout sur moi)which you can find at my store.

Encourager la participation orale dans la classe de français avec une activité populaire et efficace

French Whole-Class Game: 20 Questions

Practice French question format (est-ce que or inversion) and a plethora of vocabulary with this game.

$ Chansons Phoniques NEW! Includes a 1/4 page booklet for center activities... or to send home! Learn the 36 fundamental sounds of the French Language through familiar songs. Develop automatic recall of the sound - letter(s) connection. •Blend sounds to discover a mystery word. •Segment sounds orally to learn to hear the sounds in words. Excellent resource- ‘Le manuel phonique’ by Janet Mozan et Sue Lloyd published by Jolly Learning Ltd.

French: Chansons Phoniques - 36 sound charts that complement Le manuel phonique

5 listening activities that don't require a worksheet or prep!

5 listening activities that don’t require worksheets

La première comptine originale de la collection "Une comptine dans mon coeur" Vous pouvez bâtir votre mur de mots en commençant avec les mots fréquents (mots contenant le son "a") de cette comptine. Les activités de littératie de cette ressource seront aussi parfaites pour pratiquer l'étude de mots, la fluidité en lecture, l'écriture, la conscience phonologique et la mémorisation ainsi que le concept de soustraction en mathématiques.

"La semaine de mon chat" (Comptine et activités de littératie avec le son "a")

Sight words with "le son a" are repeated throughout this "comptine" and activities for literacy centres

Help students rehearse conversations and review their reading and speaking skills.

10 French Dialogues for Reading and Speaking Practice

Comptine amusante accompagnée d'activités sans préparation!

Le bobo de Jojo (comptine, mots fréquents, activités, ateliers, le son "o")

Teaching sight words with simple rhymes! Printables for French immersion or core French

$ "Helpful Phrases for French Class" is a reference handout and corresponding activities to help students be more confident in using French daily in routine situations, such as asking for help or expressing the desire to go somewhere else in the school. Practice activities/games included!

Expressions Utiles dans la classe

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