eeBoo Double Sided Coloured Pencils 12 Pack $7.95 at Mastermind (to accompany Design By Me colouring book)

eeBoo Owl and Raccoon Double Sided Coloured Pencils 12 Pack

eeBoo Metallic Pencils 6 Pack $7.95 at Mastermind (to accompany Design By Me colouring book)

Eeboo Metallic Pencils Metallic pencils make drawing so much more fun! How else to create that illustration of the knight in shining armor, the treasure chest full of gold and silver, that shiny coppe

Butterfly Necklace in Butterfly Gift Box  $9.95 at Mastermind. (Ages 5 and up)

Product Description: Butterfly necklace charm pendant with genuine European crystal wings in butterfly velour gift box, colors may vary. This necklace is per

Mad Libs. Add on gift with a multi ink pen. $3-$4 at Mastermind, Chapters, and Michaels.

Featuring stories about everything a girl wants, from sports to superstars and more, this is perfect for the little, or not-so-little, girl in your life!

Pop Rocks Dips

They come in lots of different flavors. Strawberry, watermelon, tropical punch and bubble gum. Bubble gum has real gum in it. There are even Pop Rocks Dip but those are harder to get

Candy (Add on to gift)

Candy (Add on to gift)

TY Beanie Boos $5.95-$7.99 at Bonnie Togs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Chapters, Scholars Choice, Mastermind, and Michaels. (Add on gift)

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