Jody Lesyk

Jody Lesyk

British Columbia
Jody Lesyk
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Richard Dawkins. I believe that will be the case. Glad I am vegan

In 100 or 200 years time, we may look back on the way we treated animals today as something like the way our forefathers treated slaves - Richard Dawkins

Please stop financing animal cruelty go #vegan for cruelty free choices

These poor babies :( my heart breaks every second for their suffering and murder by the subhuman race. Please stop contributing to this unnecessary barbaric cruelty and help save lives, go VEGAN.


Don't see the difference myself. Pigs are just as important as dogs in my opinion! No self-respecting animal lover would value the life of one animal over another!

It's ALL wrong. Go vegetarian.

if dogs awaiting slaughter is wrong, then cows awaiting slaughter is also wrong, go cruelty-free living.

#Celeb #Activism Rocker Dave Navarro Gets Naked For PETA In Shocking New Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Ad.

Message from PETA -- Animal testing Kills: Choose Cruelty Free Cosmetics . Stop animal testing! Featuring Dave Navarro for PETA.