Raspberry Lemonade Yogurt Ice Pops

Raspberry Lemonade Yogurt Ice Pops are the perfect summer treat! They are refreshing and packed with vitamin c, antioxidants and power boosting protein. Just 5 ingredients and a few minutes to pop these in the freezer.

Easter White Chocolate Pudding Parfait. So easy and so good for any occasion. A huge hit at an Easter gathering!

Easter White Chocolate Pudding Parfait

White chocolate chip cookies. The best chocolate chip cookie I have had.

White Chocolate Chip Cookies

White chocolate chip cookies The BEST white chocolate chip cookie you will EVER have! So soft and full yummy goodness!

Easter s'mores.  For more great recipes please visit mommywhatsfordinner.wordpress.com

Great idea for the leftover peeps hanging around (if you’re like me and not a huge fan)…peep s’mores! {From Eclectic Recipe}

Sweet Orange Melting Moments Cookies. So yummy and they melt in your mouth.

Sweet Orange Melting Moments

Raspberry Cookies. Visit mommywhatsfordinner.wordpress.com for great family, kid approved recipes. These seriously are out of this world!

Raspberry Cookies

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