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Keep the clubface square during the takeaway

Incorporate these swing thoughts in order to improve your takeaway. Correctly taking your club back is a critical component of a good golf swing.

Golf Forward Swing ... Release to Finish

Golf Swing Tips - Why A Proper Golf Downswing Transition Is So Important -- Continue with the details at the image link.

Rick Shiels offers his flop shot made easy lesson. With some simple address and swing tips you'll master this essential short game escape!

Here are few simple mental game tips that could transform your golf game for the better. This tip is from Jeff Richmond who is the creator of the Mental Golf

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Blood Type A+ & A-

Eat for your blood type Eating for your blood type A+ & A- "Blood Type A+ & A-. I've been eating right 4 my type for a few years now & I can honestly say I feel the best I ever have. My weight slowly dropped w/ my focus solely on diet, now I've incorpora