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Joey D'Angelo

Joey D'Angelo
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Looking for information about teaching in intermediate grades? Math workshop? Problem solving? Best practice? Quality reading and writing lessons and ideas? Google Classroom and other 1:1 ideas and resources? Teaching tips and educational resources? With rigorous standards and new information about brain research and learning being released all the time, The Teacher Studio is a great place to come to for great teaching ideas, lessons,and products to help you be the best teacher you can ...

Teaching problem solving is challenging.and we sometimes forget to give our struggling students the tools they need to be successful problem solvers. Let's not forget to challenge ALL our students and help them build their math confidence!

Every single time……..

How I imagine several students reacting to progress reports and test grades this semester. They don't get the fact that there won't be extra credit in life!

EVERY time!

This happened the other night to me. It was so dead I literally could not find my arm! I legitimately thought that my arm had been amputated the day before and I just forgot about it!