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In Jerry Gadamus's print Cabin Creek Chickadee a cute little bird sits on a snow-covered pine tree, quite a contrast to the warmth of the cozy log cabin.

« Les vieillards et les oiseaux affrontent chaque année le même problème : passer l'hiver. »Sacha Guitry

Cardinals - this is one of my favorite bird photos ever. I love that cardinals stay around to brighten winter days, tho I don't see snow like this during the winter. But when the trees are bare, cardinals decorate it beautifully!


Décorer sa porte pour Noël

Soloillustratori: Ginette Paquette

Ginette Paquette (I just did this yesterday--bundled up the grandchildren to play outside in the snow for a whole twenty minutes only but it was great to get the fresh air Nov.

sam timm | SAM TIMM


~ Chickadees at the Little Cabin in the Snowy Woods as Twilight Falls ~ ♥ :) Artist, Sam Timm