10 Poppy Crafts for Remembrance Day or Veteran's Day; great poppy crafts for all-ages that can be done with supplies you already have.

The forgotten ANZAC horses. Millions were used during World War 1, as Cavalry horses on the Front Line for transportation, pulling heavy wagons of food & ammunition for hour after hour.

Pack horses carrying ammunition in Flanders, from 'The Horse and the War' by Captain Lionel Edwards, published by Country Life in

Flors genials - "Flores geniales" http://smallforbig.com/2013/07/diy-poppy-art.html

DIY poppy art

Memorial Day project: DIY Painted Poppy Art – Kids Summer Flower Crafts – DIY Painting for Kids

Julius Neubronner, World War I, FIrst World War, animal camera, German inventor used pigeons for aerial photography

It's Not the Camera, It's the Pigeon

scrapironflotilla: “ A pigeon with a small camera attached. The trained birds were used experimentally by German citizen Julius Neubronner, before and during the war years, capturing aerial images when a timer mechanism clicked the shutter.

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Over the last few years, we have purposefully taught our children about our cultural heritage.

ID Number: E02318   Place made: France: Picardie, Somme, Villers-Bretonneux    Informal portrait of 3133 Corporal James Coull, in charge, with dogs of No. 3 Messenger Dog Section, attached to the 4th Divisional Signal Company, in a railway cutting near  Nice picture.I love pets!Check out this awesome website about pet  lovers like us: http://WeLovePets.fastprofitpages.com/?id=win44

Messengers - dogs in wartime - Villers-Bretonneux, France, Corporate James Coull with dogs of the No. 3 Messenger Dog Section. Left to right, the dogs are Nell, Trick and Buller. Picture: Australian War Memorial v