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Woodworking workbench - Making wooden hinges with a finger joint bit by robscastle @ LumberJocks com ~ woodworking community

Making wooden hinges with a finger joint bit

Woodworking Madera Making Wooden Hinges Step by Step _ by Gary MacKay.Woodworking Madera Making Wooden Hinges Step by Step _ by Gary MacKay

Making Wooden Hinges

You can use metal hinges on the box, but I prefer to make my own out of the woods I’m using. You can use scrap wood to make them, and it’s just a few more cuts with the scroll saw. But it’s worth it to have perfectly matching hinges for your box!

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Wooden Hinge

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Made from discount Agathis plywood (I'm not above haggling at Home Depot for damaged plywood). CNC cut on a Joe's Hybrid CNC. Totally collapsable, but very sturdy when assembled.

nice simple box

Double Action Hinges - Could use this for a TV cabinet or.

Double Action Hinges

I have been working on this style of hinge, attempting to get it as good as I can. These will have to work for now. I made a tutorial on how I tempted them..."HERE":