Bio Gold When It Gets Cold

The temperatures have dropped so it was time to make sure the plants maintain an unparalleled growing environment for healthy plant growth, what temperature .

Different Stages Of Trimming How  To Harvest your Trichomes

How do I make full melt Dry Sift ? I always say there is differnt stages of trimming your cannabis , this is the best and only way to get the best hash in th.

Next Level Growing  LEDs vs Ceramic Metal Halide

Next Level Growing LEDs vs Ceramic Metal Halide


Time to add some Microorganisms to my medical cannabis/marijuana grow.

Weight, LED Grow  Yields

This is the finish to the Spectrum King LED grow. I wanted to compare the LEDs to my HPS room that I have been growing in for several years.

LEDs Finish Hang Dry For The Cure

My second grow with the Spectrum King LEDs . This medical cannabis grow was to see if 2 of the 400 watt LEDs would out perform 1000 w HPS bulb room.

Baking Soils For Transplanting

Soil is the mixture of minerals, organic matter, gases, liquids, and countless organisms that I mixed together 3 weeks ago.

48 Hrs With LEDs

It is about that time to start to crop the Spectrum King LED medical cannabis grow but before I do that I have a few cropping techniques . I do a 48 hr light.

MIxing Up Soils Just Add Water

So I have been asked why don't you make your own soils JOhn. Well I use to all the time but them Mei One cam into my life and it was just easier.

Clean Light,  LEDs & Medi One  100% Organic Growing

We are now in week of this organic medical grow and my plants are doing amazing with the Spectrum KIng LED lights. Now that I have introduced the Cl.

Pre-Trim Going Into Flower , How I Prune Cannabis

Just a quick update on how I trim my plants before the flower cycle has begun. Trimming my cannabis plants is one of the most important part to growing good .