How To Cut Cannabis Clones Mother Plants

How To Cut Cannabis Clones ? When is it time to cut clones from my mother plants ? In this video we talk more about cutting clones from our mother grown from.

Spider Mites On Your Buds What To Do Next, How To Kill Spider Mites....

What step do you take when your spider mites have gotten the best of you and there is still 3 weeks left in flower and you have spider mites on your cannabis.

Ladybugs For Bugs, How to add ladybirds to your indoor grow room

How to add ladybirds to your indoor grow room ? It's about time for me to add some lady bugs to help fight o bugs in my room, spider mites. Spider mites can .

New Plant Food New Growth

Green Planet Nutrients hook us up with some new plant food for my sick plants, they needed a boost.

Deficiency's In Mother  Plants What To Do Next ...

Its been a hard few weeks and because I was unable to transplant I now have nutrient deficiencies in plant mother plants, yellowing, brown/black spots and dy.

We Won !!  Grow Your Own Grow In Peace Ill Canadians

Ill patients are able to continue to grow their own cannabis and can in peace. The federal government is going to change the cri.

Doom, Fog, Spary, Bagging Up Spider Mites

The results of spider mite infestation. What to do next, how to kill spider mites . How to get rid of spider mites indoors ?

Dose High Humidity & CO2 Kill Spider Mites ?

I was told that I needed to get the RH over to kill the bugs and above 5000 pmm. Will they will actually explode in high humidity ? I did a combinati.

What's The Best Size Pot , Growing Pot in Pot's

How to determine your pot size for growing pot, this is how I have been growing my medicine for years, I have learned that pot size plays a key role in deter.

Sexing From Seed Males & Females

The 2016 grow started from seed and now that my plants are in flower they have started to show their sex, male vs female cannabis plants, how to see the earl.

Growing THC

The medical uses of THC for MIke and I is to help with our conditions, today we talk we Jim from Roji concentrates about his THC Medi clear and then head out.

Fimming & Topping

It's time to get theses plants ready for flower and a few more steps to ensure a good grow I do some fimming/ topping of my plants. This is how I grow my own.

How To Maintain Clones, Rooting and Transplanting...

How to: Maintain Clones. Its time to check on the tray to see if we have roots and also see if we still have mold after finding it in the e begin.

XL Growth  Growing Fire

Growing from seed is very rewarding , Sour dub (f) x cookies and creme (m) . Growing some fire here :) Spider Mite Control is also a big part of growing you.

2 Feed Results ... Amazing Growth ,  2" Per Day

WOW, when was the last time you got 2 inches a day of growth in the first few days of transplanting your cannabis plants ?