CN Tower EdgeWalk.

CN Tower's Extreme EdgeWalk

CN Tower's Extreme EdgeWalk, Toronto - A friend of mine and his brother did the Edgewalk!

W Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain at Hotels of the Rich and Famous

An icon of avant-garde architecture, the new W Barcelona Hotel rises high above the Mediterranean, in one of Spain’s most appealing cities. The massive building was envisioned by modern architect Ricardo Bofill and decorated by Charles Farruggio

Moated House/Castle - Miami, amazing.

✶A castle home with a moat. Known as Chateau Artisan this South FLORIDA fortress is bordered by a moat and enclosed with wrought iron gates PLUS massive wooden privacy doors ✶

Volcano House - Palm Springs Price: $50,000,000

Bob Hope House - Futuristic: The home owes its space age look to a design by famed modernist architect John Lautner

Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Berg Oase by Swiss architect Mario Botta, a spa addition to the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa, Switzerland

Downtown Toronto, Canada

Don't look down: Toronto’s notorious rooftopper, Tom Ryaboi, captures the city from up