Math Monsters for studying "greater-than," "less-than," and "equal to."

Math Monsters make greater-than, less-than, and equal signs come to life; the monster faces the bigger number and the equal sign faces forward. Its a cute way to teach the concept.

Greater than, less than

T's First Grade Class: Alphabetical Order Cups - I love this idea! Could be used for adding/subtracting and for ABC'S in order!

Plus grand Que ou Moins Que

I am excited to have this Greater than or Less than unit to use with my first graders.

Popcorn math for inequalities--yellow pieces are inequality signs, white are integers. grab, write number sentences. could also use to build simple solvable equations and find answers. Alternative to "roll the dice" . Adapt for other themes?

Popcorn Maths

"On the white paper (plain popcorn) I wrote numbers, on the yellow (buttered popcorn) I wrote math symbols (+ – x ). Students can then choose 2 pieces of white popcorn and 1 piece of yellow. They write the equation and answer in their books.