Letter provocation - Adventures in Kindergarten: Discovery Time

Learning to write: Creating letters with loose parts {from Adventures in Kindergarten: Discovery Time} Need: glass or pony beads, mirrors, index cards with letters written on them, 1 basket for beads and 1 basket for index cards,

Provocations (Reggio)

This is great math and science play Playsets For The Imagination - Homemade Rainbows Shop

Provocations (Reggio)  Cutting/Colours

simple display helps young children to know "what to do"- we provide the provocation for the children and then allow them to explore and discover Emilia emilia ideas classroom art

Provocations (Reggio)

Museum Notes: Managing Materials for Making and Tinkering- using photos of nature as a provocation for loose parts- love it

Measuring provocation

I want to extend a big thank you to those of you that came out last week for our 'Kindergarten Parent Math Night'! It was great to get toget.