Crab apples are edible and a great fruit to use in desserts such as crab apple crisp!

Crab Apple Crisp

Crab apples are safe to eat, and are a great fruit to use in desserts. Learn to make crab apple crisp from all the fruit you didn't know you could use!

crabapple wine recipe (delicious apparently....)

Andy Hamilton's delicious crab apple wine

crabapple wine recipe- kinda want to try this since I have a juicy crab apple wine

Crab apple crisp. This recipe is great! I've used it a couple of times with our crab apples and it is delicious!

If you're lucky enough to have a crab apple tree growing in your garden, or even on your street, you've got one of the tastiest but most overlooked autumn treats of all.

Crabapple Pie.  :-)  We just ordered Crabapple trees to try our hand at them.  Searching for good Crabapple recipes . . . :-)  Looking forward to making jam etc. :-)

slice of crabapple pie (photo by jhy) You will need: crabapples- about a gallon of whole fruits pie crust for a pie, double cr.

i d l e w i f e : crabapple bread

Like banana bread, crabapple bread is exactly what it says it is. Bread with crabapples in it. Short and sweet and simple. I wo.

Crab apple leathers

No one judge me for all these crab apple recipes! I've got a tree and too many apples.

Crab Apple Crisp

Two weeks ago I got a whole lot of crab apples from my brother-in-laws apple tree. And I do mean a lot of apples! Serafina loves to eat apples, so a lot of them just got eaten up by the…

crab apple cider  Another recipe: 1 ice cream pail of apples 5 qt. water 8 tsp. cream of tartar  Bring water to a boil. Add the cream of tartar, pour over apples. Cover; let stand 36 hours. Strain add 1 cup sugar to 10 cups juice. Seal in hot sterilized jars. also:

Crab Apple Cider

I know it's not a canning recipe, but I'm pinning it here to remember come crabapple season. This sounds YUMMY!