before the flood

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The Uinta Basin in Northeastern Utah features some of the finest rock art in Utah and a very distinct subdivision of Fremont Style, Classic Vernal Style. Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Art History, European History, American History, Native Art, Native American Art, Art Rupestre, Cave Drawings

Northeast Utah Rock Art by James Q. Jacobs

Rock art in the vicinity of Vernal, northeastern Utah. Numerous graphics included.

The Symbols for the Creator God, across all cultures, almost identical, Coincidence, Or Ancient Aliens?because aliens are easier to believe than "white people" (psst.white people were called divine even by the native americans) Ancient Symbols, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Aliens, Mayan Symbols, Viking Symbols, Egyptian Symbols, Viking Runes, Egyptian Mythology, Egyptian Goddess

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“The Symbols for the Creator God, across all cultures, almost identical, Coincidence?”

Cult Of The Ancient Gods The Instanbul rocket ship ,currently located in the Istanbul Archaeology Museum in Turkey. It suppose to be over 2500 years old.

Pegasus Research Consortium

Pegasus Research Consortium

How to Wow the Judges in Halloween Costume Contests Fairy insect in amber. Takeshi Yamada, Brooklyn, New York this human-faced insect has nothing to do with so-called

Fairy in Baltic Amber

A unique prehistoric flying insect species like this with the pattern resembles human-like face on its head is extremely rare and treasured by collectors of Cabinet of Curiosities around the world. Needless to say this human-faced insect is nothing to do with so call “fairy” created by the imagination of humans. =========================================== Reference: Dr. Takeshi Yamada as “Immortalizer” of the AMC cable television competitive fine art reality show, “Immortalized”, season 1…



former CIA pilot shocked the public with his statement that the Moon is actually a livable place with over 250 million citizens. The former CIA pilot, John Lear, has been quite famous among the conspiracy theorists. “Everything you heard about … Ancient Egypt Pharaohs, Ancient Aliens, Coast To Coast Radio, Alien Concept Art, Aliens And Ufos, Aliens On The Moon, Alien Abduction, Alien Races, Ufo Sighting

The Moon Has Over 250 Million Citizens, Claims A Former CIA Pilot

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British Museum E 768 Ancient Greek Sculpture, Ancient Greek Art, Ancient Greece, Greek Pottery, Pottery Art, Art D'ours, Paintings Of Christ, Satire, Greek Soldier

An Ithyphallic Balancing Act

An Ithyphallic Balancing Act Douris (painter), Drunken Satyrs Cavorting (from Cerveteri), 500-490 BC, terracotta. The British Museum, London (Photo: Wikimedia Commons, by Marie-Lan...

Ica Stones - the Messages from the Underground Settlement of Ancient inhabitants of America of Tulan-Chimostok of 17 million years age - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

Ica Stones, the Ancient Rock Library: Out-of-place Artifacts (OOPArt)

Undoubtedly another one of the greatest enigmas of the archeological world surrounds a collection of some 15,000 artifacts that were found ...

The Ica Stones of Peru.

Pietrele Ica. Ica stones. Piedras de Ica. Peru. Istoria pierduta. Istoria interzisa.

Sacred sites, megalithic monuments, menhir, stone circles, dolmens, ancient standing stones, cairns, barrows, rock formations, sfinx, romania