Tourtière ( meat pie )

Holiday baking traditions: Tourtière

Tourtière ( meat pie ) : I have enjoyed this every Christmas Eve since childhood. This is a quintessential French Canadian recipe.

Canadian butter tarts with maple syrup: Maple syrup is added to the raisin filling and we soaked the raisins in Canadian Whisky. The crust is a buttery tart crust. And since I love my crust “well-done”, nicely browned and flavorful, I prebaked the crusts before filling them.

Canadian Butter Tarts - The earliest published Canadian recipe is from Barrie, Ontario dating back to 1900 and can be found in The Women’s Auxiliary of the Royal Victoria Hospital Cookbook

Cabbage Rolls - Canadian Food - Canadian Food Recipes

Dinner Recipe: Cabbage Rolls - also ADD onion powder & a little Basil to the Meat mixture - as well as Basil to the slightly sweetened Red Sauce(otherwise known as, canned Tomato Soup + Diced Tomatoes).

CANADIAN RECIPE -  Nanaimo Bars !(Nan eye mo )  It is a name of a place in British Columbia.  I tried these and I love them!

Recipe: Nanaimo Bars — The Canadian Treat

Authentic Canadian Poutine Recipe

Authentic Canadian Poutine

Authentic Canadian Poutine Recipe - fried fries, poutine gravy and white cheddar cheese curds. I just learned about this dish thru my word of the day "Poutine" which means "mess".

Grant’s Old Mill Bannock. This recipe is lighter and sweeter than many traditional versions.

Grant’s Old Mill Bannock is lighter and sweeter than many traditional versions.


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BRITISH CANADA: Bannock - Bannock, a quick biscuit–type bread, is a specialty of aboriginal cooks throughout North America, including in Nunavut.

BEAVERTAILS!!! Make 'em yourself with this recipe!

Canadian Beaver Tail Fried Pastries

Maple Fudge

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Maple Fudge- This classic recipe for dense candy- shop fudge will be an instant family favourite. It's essential to have an accurate candy thermometer, because if it's only a few degrees off, you may have difficulty getting the right texture.

Candied Bacon

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The Ultimate Candied Bacon - You may have seen chocolate-dipped bacon at your local food fair or bacon in chocolate-bar form at your local specialty store, but this candied bacon recipe surpasses anything else!