Moose at Maligne Lake, Jasper Park, Alberta, Canada

Moose drinking at Maligne Lake, Jasper Park, Alberta, Canada. << There's a moose. Besides that, this is one of my favorite places to go in Canada!

Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

The waters that surround the Gulf and San Juan islands offer some of the most beautiful natural wonders in North America. And the chilly northern waters of the surrounding Pacific are a miraculous showcase of wildlife, with the orca whale being the star.

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island black bear (Ursus americanus vancouveri) is found, as the name implies, on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Tofino, BC (farthest west coast side of Vancouver Island).  Awesome crab catching and eating right on the beach.

Mist, tides and currents on the shore at Long Beach, Tofino, Vancouver Island, by SeanDaniel

Sheringham Point Lighthouse, near French Beach. Vancouver Island.

Snorri Gunnarsson Poster Print Wall Art Print entitled Sheringham Point Lighthouse, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, None

Sandcut Beach, Vancouver Island

Here Are 28 Beautiful Waterfalls With Beautiful Drop Of Water Can Be Heard On The Far. Waterfall: Sandcut Beach by quas