150 Best jQuery Effects for Web Designer and Developers

A list of cool and useful jQuery and JavaScript effects and animations for multiple purposes.

Form Validation Galore! Which one's your favorite?

jQuery is basically a cross browser java script library which was primarily used to simply the client side scripting of HTML. It has been really helpful for this purpose because of which it is among the most used java scripts library of today.


Hovercard a free light weight jQuery plugin that enables you to display related information with the hovered label, link, or any html element of your choice.

Smooth jQuery Scroller

How to Turn Off Natural Scrolling for Scroll Wheels On Your Mac (But Not Touchpads)

http://lotofcode.blogspot.com/2012/02/object-to-html-ohm-jquery-plugin.html    JS Object to HTML and back again

The Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record's Incentive Program provide financial incentives for the meaningful use of certified EHR technology to improve patient care.

180 Awesome jQuery Slider & Effects

Awesome jQuery Slider Plugins - Show Off Featured Content!

jQuery collapse

jQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers (Animal Guide) - How To Books

A Plug-in that add alphabetical sorting and filtering to existing lists? Yes Sir!

A Plug-in that add alphabetical sorting and filtering to existing lists? Yes Sir!

20 complete scripts! Do you think you will use one of these?

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jQuery Parallax Plugin

jQuery Parallax Plugin