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black and white photograph of someone's feet with socks wrapped around their ankles on the dance floor
@michaelsusanno @emmammerrick @emmasusanno #Ballet
a woman is doing yoga on the street with her arms stretched out in front of her
a male ballet dancer in the air with his arms extended and feet spread wide out
a man is in the air with his arms spread out and one leg bent forward
194 Breathtaking Photos Of Dancers In Motion Reveal The Extraordinary Grace Of Their Bodies
a shirtless man doing a trick on a skateboard in front of a red wall
dancer man pose
a black and white photo of a ballerina
black and white photograph of woman's legs wearing ballet shoes
an advertisement for a ballet company with a woman in white and black on the front
Armin Hofmann: diseñador del "estilo suizo"
Armin Hofmann
a woman flying through the air while wearing a long black dress with her arms outstretched
Lucca62 - B&W / Food for your eyes