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The Antikythera Youth

The bronze statue known as the Antikythera Youth. Found in the seas off Antikythera, the statue dates to c. 340 BCE. (National Archaeological Museum, Athens).

Patineurs, The Silent Artists - South African Art Times: South African Art, Copper, Bronze, Artists, Times, Artist, Brass

Patineurs, The Silent Artists - South African Art Times:

José Ventura (supplied): If I were to ask what the colour of bronze is; how would you respond? Since bronze is an alloy containing roughly 95% copper, it is known for copper’s qualities of variability. Bronze […]

Detail of the Marathon Youth, an ancient Greek bronze perhaps of the Praxiteles School, dated to c. Found in the Bay of Marathon, the bronze is currently located in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. Ancient Greek Sculpture, Ancient Greek Art, Ancient Greece, Greek History, Ancient History, Bronze Sculpture, Sculpture Art, Ramses, History Encyclopedia

Ancient Greek Sculpture

The sculpture of ancient Greece from 800 to 300 BCE took early inspiration from Egyptian and Near Eastern monumental art, and over centuries evolved into...