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a group of people with their arms around each other in a framed photo on the wall
Joti Wall on Instagram: "this one was extra special to create 🫶🏽"
two dogs are on the wall next to each other
Joti Wall on Instagram: "Mark your calendars! Next portrait launch is October 29th at 12pm EST. I’ll be taking a limited amount of family AND pet portraits. Including multi pet portraits like this! All details including pricing, framing, etc. are on my website jotiwall.com 🤎 #trending #viralreels #familyportrait #needlefelting #embroidery #dmcthreads #handmade #foryou #feltedfamilyportrait #petportrait #pupsofinstagram #embroidereddog #doglove #dogart #petart #dogoftheday #doglover"
a dog's head is framed in a wooden frame on a bed with linens
Joti Wall on Instagram: "Pet portraits! What do you think?🐶 #trending #viralreels #familyportrait #needlefelting #embroidery #dmcthreads #handmade #foryou #feltedfamilyportrait #petportrait #needlefelting #embroidereddog #doglove #dogart #petart #dogoftheday #doglover"
a hand is holding up a cross - stitch embroidery kit with the words'the ellen family'on it
Joti Wall on Instagram: "Here’s a fun story. Well, not really fun. Just a story. Sort of what made me realize that I was hella burnt out and needed to take a break from work. So, I made a BIG mistake on this order, AND another one… both in the same batch 😭. I am an Enneagram 1 and very much a perfectionist when it comes to my work. I quadruple check the pieces before they go out but somehow misspelt the name on this piece and even forgot to add a pet in another. Like WHAT. How do you mess that
a person holding up a small embroidered wedding ornament in front of some other embroiderys
Joti Wall on Instagram: "It’s the confetti and champagne for me 😍 This piece was inspired by the couples Save the Date. What do you think?! // #stitchersgonnastitch #modernembroiderymovement #theartofslowliving #littlepinecompany #dmcthreads #damngoodstitch #instaembroideryguild #needlefelting #feltedfamilyportrait"
a hand embroidered family portrait on a wooden frame with the word, our family written in black ink
Joti Wall on Instagram: "Another sold out launch 😭 gahhhhh, my heart. Thank you all SO, so much. I know you see makers/small shops say it all the time, but it’s true that we get extremely giddy and squeal with each order that comes in. Stay tuned for my next drop which I’ll announce soon :)"
two wooden coasters with embroidered family pictures on the front and back, sitting on a table
Joti Wall on Instagram: "SMALL SHOPS! Inspired by a few friends, I thought it would be nice to have a space for us to share small shops we love and/or are supporting this Christmas! Tag your favourites below and then save this post so you can reference back later as you order gifts for loved ones :) #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal"
three embroidered hoop frames with family pictures on them, sitting on a wooden table top
Joti Wall on Instagram: "The last of my Christmas orders were all shipped out today! :) Wahoooo! Feeling like a huge weight is off my shoulders. On an unrelated note: can you give me your baby name suggestions? 🤣 We realized that each of our names are just four letters (and our last name!): Marc, Joti, Avyn, Nova Wall. We don’t HAVE to stick to that theme but it would be nice. We also don’t know the gender so feel free to share em all please and thank you"
two hand embroidered pictures of people holding hands
Joti Wall on Instagram: "Opening for family portrait orders this Sunday January 2nd (12PM EST). Link in bio! ✨"
two hand embroidered hoops with family pictures on them
Joti Wall on Instagram: "I’ll be opening for a small handful of portrait orders today at 3pm EST (12 PST). So set your clocks if you’re interested! 🕊 // #familyportrait #stitchersofinstagram #feltedfamilyportrait #needlefelting"
six embroidered family portraits are displayed on a wooden table with a white doily in front of them
Joti Wall on Instagram: "G I V E A W A Y CLOSED 🌾 ***** Congratulations to @kejsmith for winning a free portrait! ***** Who wants a free custom family portrait?! (Valued at $225+). It’s simple: just like + save this post, tag as many pals as you want below, and share in your stories (tag me!) for an extra entry."
a hand holding up a small embroidery hoop with several people and a dog on it
Joti Wall on Instagram: "Lots of new faces brought here by this recent piece (one of my favourites yet 🤠). Welcome here! 🫶🏽 I’ll share more about myself + my work in my stories soon. If there’s anything you’d like to know feel free to drop a question below :)"