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Tex-Mex Mayonnaise

Tex-Mex Mayonnaise Recipe Condiments and Sauces with light mayonnaise, fresh lime juice, ground cumin, chili powder

Creamy Chili Hot Sauce (Spicy Sriracha Mayo) on French Fries

spicy mayo with lime for fries? 3 Tablespoons mayo 1 Tablespoons homemade Sriracha style chili sauce, Huy Fong Sriracha, Tabasco or any chili hot sauce 1 teaspoon lemon/lime juice teaspoon soy sauce (optional) Yumm

Pork Slow cooker

Used BBQ sauce I had on hand, two tenderloins, whole onion. 3 hours on high. Couldn't Be Easier BBQ Pork Tenderloin (Crock Pot) Recipe - bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's (honey), garlic, onion and hot sauce!