Joyce Rostron

Joyce Rostron

Joyce Rostron
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Items similar to DALL'S PORPOISE 5 x 7 print of watercolour artwork in deep ultramarine sea blue and ocean turquoise dolphin on Etsy


ORCA Cetus Killer Whale 5 x 7 print of watercolour salt artwork turquoise blue teal green ocean bubbles grey humpback whale marine

GREY WHALE 5 x 7 print of watercolour painting salt artwork with turquoise teal earth tones ocean sea bubbles orca blue humpback whale

About this artist: TAMARA PHILLIPS (PAINTING) Tamara Phillips’ art is inspired by the raw beauty of the natural world, resonating cellular life and ethereal vibrancy. Her detailed watercolour paintings are woven together in earth tones, and she uses the malleability of watercolour to explore the connection between myth, dream, and reality. Tamara was born on Vancouver Island. She obtained her BSc in Biology from the University of Victoria and currently resides in Vancouver.

North Pacific RIGHT WHALE x 11 print watercolour in sea turquoise teal blue green earth tones grey humpback whale marine mammal

St. Patrick's Day Cookies

Learn how to decorate these adorable St. Patrick’s Day cookies for a festive addition to your kids’ school celebration! The other moms are sure to be jealous of your baking skills.