Naked Shapes — Minimalissimo

Naked Shapes is an exhibition of aluminum Japanese household objects from the first half of the century, cleaned of dirt and any sort of make-up such as paint, labels or other excess decoration.

Sacos de papel — Minimalissimo

Smooth lines? Lack of metal closure? Modern sensibility with a nod towards simplicity? It was made from brown paper.

A sugi wood roof?  I dont know how they waterproofed or heat this baby, but its lovely.:

Japanese charred-wood technique of shou-sugi-ban. Charring wood makes it weather- and mold-resistant, a benefit near the sea.

Desk Bakelite by Martin van Severen:

"Bakelite” Table was designed in 2001 by the late Belgian furniture designer van Severen for Galerie Kreo

biodégradable table wear japan

The Japanese WASARA tableware. Made from a combination of reed, bamboo and bagasse (sugercane waste product), it feels soft and velvety, it holds your food / liquid for one-time-use… and it is completely compost-able afterwards.