Jennifer Trofimuk

Jennifer Trofimuk

Jennifer Trofimuk
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Marshmallows and mini Rolos?! I want to do this while we camp!

Instead of using that plain marshmallow for some S'mores. why not try stuffing candy into the marshmallow before roasting? Rollo candy work really well for this yummy campfire treat! Reese's peanut butter cups are REALLY good on s'mores too!

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S'mores Krispy Treats- this recipe isnRice Krispie Treats but substitute the Golden Graham's for Rice Krispies and then the marshmallows of course, and then add some chocolate chips!

Snowman Cups recipe

These cute Snowman Cups are fun to make (and eat!) with kids. With chocolate pudding, OREO Cookies and whipped topping, they’re a treat for all ages.