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Hyperrealistic illustration of a cat working on a MacBook Pro laptop.
Mr. Cat, Hacker Cat, Programer Cat, Coder Cat, Web Designer Cat
Hyperrealistic illustration of a cat working on a MacBook Pro laptop.
Hyperrealistic illustration of cat wearing a military uniform in the style of old school profile portrait painting Cat Profile, Feline, Cool Cats, Cats, Cat Gif, Ugly Cat, Cat Love, Cute Cat Wallpaper, Cute Pictures
Cat General, Cat Military Leader, Cat Dictator, Feline Dictator, El General
I think this illustration accurately depicts how cats see themselves. Leaders of the house that need to be catered to whenever they please.
Chewbacca from Star Wars working as an accountant, using glasses and sporting a white shirt with a tie and what appears to be a cardigan.
Retired Rebel Fighter Working as an Accountant, Tax Season, Chewie The Accountant
What happens when the empire collapses and all rebel fighters have to find jobs? Chewbacca doesn't strike me as a numbers guy, but that's absurd premise of this illustration. 😂
Self portrait rendered by Midjourney as a man wearing a crown with a finger to his mouth and also sporting an earring. Punk, King, Lord, Selfie, Sorting, Art, 80s, Medieval, Coming Out
A Strict But Fair Lord
This Midjourney rendition of a selfie as a medieval king came out more looking like some sort of punk from the 80s 😂
Concept illustration displaying a hyper realistic profile illustration of a stressed out accountant during tax season. Accounting, Tax, Tax Season, Concept, Seasons
Stressed Accountant, Tax Season, Stressed Executive
Concept illustration created in Midjourney for a stressed accountant during tax season.
Illustration showing a profile image of a man, with what looks like flames coming out of his head. The concept image was derived from the premise that the man was stressed out. Art Drawings, Concept Art, Closer, Stressed Out, Working On Myself, Art Pieces, Man
Stressed Out, Man Under Stress, Concept Art For Stress, Head On Fire, Consumed by Stress
A.I art piece displaying a man under stress. The original prompt for this image was for that of a stressed out accountant during tax season. Gotta keep working on my prompts, so I get results closer to what I'm looking for. In the meantime, this makes for a cool concept piece on stress.
Painting of a lone man walking at night through a dark alley, while holding an umbrella to protect him against a fine mist. This digital art piece was generated to look like an oil painting and it will look great printed on canvas. Rock Bands, Digital Art, Artwork, Digital Artwork, Melancholy, Artist, Walking In The Rain
Man Walking In The Rain, Urban Rainy Landscape, Digital Artwork, Man With Umbrella
Digital art piece generated in Stable Diffusion, applying an oil painting style in the text prompt. It depicts a moody, rainy dark alley with a lone man walking through it with an umbrella.
Female profile portrait done in Midjourney, using anime style and vector flat prompts. The original prompt was for a cat peeking over a laptop screen Portrait, Female, Vector Portrait, Anime Style, Digital Portrait, Vector Art, Vector Artwork
Female Portrait, Vector Artwork, Midjourney Art, Digital Portrait
Female portrait created in Midjourney using prompts such as anime style, flat vector, no background. Now, the kicker is that the first prompt was for a cat peeking over a laptop screen. How did I end up with this? 😂
The artwork piece depicted here shows a cute sketched portrait of a kitten, which can be printed on canvas or premium paper and framed.
Sketched Cat Portrait, Cat Portrait, Cat Pencil Sketch, Cat Photo
“Sketched Cat Portrait” is a A.I artwork enhanced and enlarged by Juan Rojo Design that captures the essence of feline grace and charm. The minimalist sketch features fine lines and shading to give the portrait a sense of depth, creating an almost photograph-like appearance.