Emily Carr

You will have to experiment and try things out for yourself and you will not be sure of what you are doing. - Emily Carr, Canadian artist (Group of Seven)

Emily Carr- Blue Sky

in this painting represents a very blueish sky and very cool green, and the style of nature is there with the tall trees and the background with more trees.

Emily Carr - Forest, British Columbia, 1932

Emily Carr, Forest, British Columbia, 1931 - oil on canvas (Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery)

Emily Carr - "The Little Pine"

Emily Carr Canadian Painter 1871 AD - 1945 AD, Canadian Group of Seven

Emily Carr

Wood Interior Artwork by Emily Carr Hand-painted and Art Prints on canvas for sale,you can custom the size and frame

a beautiful painting once again by Emily Carr

Arthur Lismer - Sunlight in a Wood by Arthur Lismer from Art Gallery of Ontario

EMILY CARR Mountain Forest

Forest paintings by Emily Carr to be shown at Vancouver Art Gallery