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a woman sitting on top of a wooden stool wearing white pants and a ruffled off the shoulder top
Set Design by Christine Roberts for the TIFF x Variety Magazine Portrait Studio
Featuring Jennifer Lopez, the Motherless Brooklyn Group and Jamie Lee Curtis | Photography: Caitlin Cronenberg
the table is covered with green and yellow items such as flowers, plants, books, and other things
Prop Styling by Vanessa Suppa
a bowl filled with pesto next to a grater
Prop Styling by Stephanie Saunders for Les Producteurs de lait du Québec & Recettes D'ici
Photography: Jeff Frenette
a table topped with blue bowls and oranges next to a vase filled with flowers
Props and Tabletop by Oksana Slavutych
a drink with a straw in it sitting on a table next to the water and palm leaves
Prop Styling by Stephanie Saunders for EnRoute Magazine
Photography: Virginie Gosselin | #drinks #vacation #cheers #food #foodporn #props #propstyling #stilllife #photo #photography #foodphotography
a blue table topped with coffee cups and cake next to two mugs filled with white frosting
Tabletop by Oksana Slavutych
Products, Inspiration, Studio, Accessories, Shiseido, Cosmetics, Ito, Eye Care, Jewelry Accessories
Prop Styling by Linda Keil
Monaco, Zara Home, Flight Magazine, Flight, Styling Service
Prop Styling by Pierce Atkinson for the Air Canada in Flight Magazine
a magazine cover with a paint roller on top of it and the title guide new hues
Prop Styling by Sean Mulcahy for CAA Manitoba
Prop Styling: Sean Mulcahy, Judy Inc | Photography: Grinton |#props #propstylist #propstyling #stilllife #paint #colours #stylist #design #photography
a person is pouring pink liquid into a coffee cup on a yellow and white plate
Prop Styling by Oksana Slavutych
a painting of a man in a suit sitting on a scooter with a scarf around his neck
Props and Roomset by Stephanie Saunders
the table is covered with different types of hair care products and items that are on it
Props and Roomset by Vanessa Suppa for SWAGGER Magazine